I chose the arts.

If you’d grown up in Singapore where the tradition is very much a conservative Asian tradition, then you’d probably know that not many parents support their child in doing the arts.. both performing arts and visual arts.

I don’t know about you but at least for me, who is born in the 90s, I very much experienced it.

Since young, I loved dance I took up ballet when I was 10 but didn’t continue it because I wanted to focus for the PSLE (as if I really focused lol). In school, I was in Chinese dance before I switched to being in the choir.

But anyway I returned to real dancing when I was in 4 years of secondary school, took a little break in between and restarted in 2013 to now.

Academically, I wasn’t the top student but I think I was doing pretty average; 206 for PSLE and L1R4 (nett) of 9.

Can get into a really good course or even JC leh!!

Contrary to popular beliefs that majority of the girls with such L1R4 grade will be chopeing their seats in Banking & Finance / Accounting / Tourism / Business Studies etc (those generic and what seems to be more “useful” in the economy), I didn’t.

Back then I lived with my uncle who wanted me to enrol into JC. But I didn’t as well.

Instead I enrolled myself into Mass Communications, which everyone was against the idea. Then I understand where they were coming from because after 1 year, I dropped out.

Long story short I dropped out because (1) I was bullied (I was a pussy back then and was very much affected by the atmosphere) and (2) damn, project costs were expensive. To me, most of the students in the course came from well-to-do family, or at least, had both parents supporting them, but I had none.

Following that I became the “majority” of the girls, taking up Management Studies. Which to me, is a generic course and I didn’t know what I was studying back then because anyway, I only wanted a diploma.

TBH throughout all these time I valued what I learnt during my one year in MCM, where mostly I took up skills in designing my own stuff, filming my own video etc. Even when it wasn’t within my job scope within the current workplace, I helped the welfare committee designed collaterals that they needed.

Fast forward to today, I found the energy I needed to go for what I really liked, and enrolled myself into a arts programme.

Despite already holding a diploma in something that… er idk what it is about also, I was totally fine with spending another 3 years of an equal qualification, but in another and more useful skillset.

I was so so so elated that I FINALLY found the courage to go do something that I really like so I’m really stoked for the later half of 2018. I give the credit to my ex colleague who really gave me this little push of courage to go and pursue it. A little push that will and is going to change my whole life.

To leave an ok-paying stable full time job to go back to being a full time student, I definitely had my concerns. But once I had a friend who sent me a video saying that most of our lifetime will be spent on working, and it is very important that we get a job we like else we would be wasting our whole life away.

Very true.

I don’t know if it’s the thing with millennials but my family feels like I like to do things halfway. But from my stand, I like to try out new things.

I have tried f&b, I have tried media, I have tried retail, I have tried early childhood education. I have tried everything that I wanted to try.

Except for law. I really like criminal law but I have no confidence in it and that is quite a big step to take because there is so much to study.

But at for now, I realised arts is what I really like. It’s like going back to square 1 but at least I know I wouldn’t be wasting my life away.

Everyday stuff.

Thanks to Chow, I created my first wordpress account. I used to be very hardworking and blog pretty frequently on blogger but I haven’t since school and work got too busy for me to handle. But hey I am already here, let me try picking up that momentum again which, I most probably will fail.

Everyday as you wake up in the morning, you go through your routine, doing things you do automatically do without thinking about how to go around doing it. That’s the human way of living.

As much as a lot of people call me an alien, very much because of my personality, me too, am actually human, also one who goes about doing my daily routine.

And the routine that you do, as much as you don’t know it, there are so many things, like, I mean things we use, we take for granted.

I’ll really just skip the food, toothpaste, toothbrush, clothes etc that are really essentials and go straight to things that are really essential to me.

1. Sunblock

2018-02-10 16.59.25

After toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and all the other toiletries, this sunblock is an ESSENTIAL to me and I will not leave my room without it. Even on a weekend where I typically stay home the whole day, I apply this as my last step of skincare. I can skip toner and moisturiser but not this. I used to do without sunblock but then one fine day I came across a post where they used a UV Camera and compared the skin with and without sunblock. The one with sunblock, it was pitch black (i.e its blocking out all the harmful rays). From then on, I decided to block out all the harmful rays as well, also because I already have enough harmful vibes around me, so the more I can block, I block.

I am using the Innisfree No Sebum Daily UV Protection Cream, SPF35 PA+++

2. Glasses

2018-02-10 16.59.19

Without this, I am blind. Okay maybe not. I don’t have very bad myopia nor astigmatism but when both adds up together, my vision becomes 360p.

I am using…. oh wait, its my own prescription. From a random aunty. In a random optical shop.

3. Wallet

2018-02-10 16.59.08.jpg

I would have no money to spend if I didn’t bring this out. Then I probably wouldn’t be able to buy LiHo, Gong Cha, or KOI.

I used to be using a long wallet that most ladies would be using but that long wallet would be a hassle every time I travel light. When I was out with my mum some time last mid-October, I was considering to get a small one and I came across this. But I didn’t get it then. I pondered over it twice. And then I asked my mum if I should get it. She said “no, not nice, don’t get this”. So I didn’t.

A week later, my little brother passed me a Kate Spade paper bag on my birthday. Apparently mum said its “not nice” because it would be nicer if she could get my brother to surprise me with it.

I am using Kate Spade Cameron Street Adalyn (if I am not wrong la Kate spade’s got weird names).

4. Water Bottle

i know water is a basic need, the thing is I’ve got many many water bottles cus I’ve got a thing for them but this is my favourite because it’s 2 litres, which also means I don’t need to get it refilled every now and then.

I’ve got a stomach with a bottomless pit for water, so travel sized water bottles only lasts me…. 2 drinks?

I am using a the biggest water bottle that I found in the Popular Bookstore.

5. MacBook

Used to be using the 15″ (with CD ROM one) which is 2.7kg. Then it decided to crash on me forever and left me without saying a word.

So I opted to get another one which is the lightest (920g) and I’ve been carrying it around with me to and fro work and using it every day since then! It’s for my music, my dance videos, dramas, and my range of Adobe suite!

I am using the MacBook 12″ in Rose Gold.

6. iPod touch and speakers

I get asked a lot on why would I need a separate iPod when I can just dump everything in my phone.

Because as a Dancer, music is very important to me, so are the speakers. I do not want to mix my music library along with the other random sounds the phone might contain.

I am using iPod Touch 6th Gen and Sony-SRSX11.

Basically, these are the items that I come in touch with EVERYDAY and if I can have only a few items to bring with me, they’re prolly the ones I would bring with me!